[Lustre-devel] security: rpc message vs bulk data

Peter Braam Peter.Braam at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 5 19:32:07 PDT 2008


Eric - can you add this detail to the presentation about the security

On 8/5/08 12:12 PM, "Eric Mei" <Eric.Mei at Sun.COM> wrote:

> Hi,
> Currently we use different security transformation: on RPC message we
> use gssapi/kerberos; on bulk data we use separate hash + cipher
> mechanism. And to some extend the 2 parts can be configured
> independently. For example, you can use "krb5p" on RPC message while use
> some light-weight hash/cipher on bulk data for performance or whatever
> reasons.

We should not use KRB/GSS for bulk data encryption, see below.

> Now we're thinking about using gssapi for both RPC and bulk data. But
> this way we won't be able to configure them separately. What we're not
> sure is: is it necessary to be able to set different security level for
> RPC message and bulk data?

Yes two policies are good to have. Eventually file systems will store data
encrypted. It would not be a good idea to have encrypt twice - we want to
ask the client to encrypt the data, send it over the wire and store on disk
without decrypting.

> Thanks!

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