[Lustre-devel] Lustre HSM HLD draft

Peter J Braam Peter.Braam at Sun.COM
Mon Feb 25 14:44:24 PST 2008

Just a few initial responses from me, I haven't read things 
systematically yet.

Canon, Richard Shane wrote:
> Aurelien and JC,
> Sorry that my feedback is late.  Here are my questions/remarks.
> General
> * Any thought on how quotas will be handled?
This is very very important and will require a lot of detail.  Well 
spotted Shane!!!
> Coordinator
> * 3.4 - I was curious what the precise use case was that was driving
> this?  I don't disagree with it, but I was curious for more background
In internal migrations many objects will be restriped to another set of 
objects to move the data.  The coordinator handles the completion and 
abortion of the agents accomplishing this.
> * 3.7.1 - The coordinator could become a scaling bottleneck.  We should
> think about how this will be scaled in the future
In my writings I was always anticipating a family of load balancing 
> * 4.1 - Does the coordinator store the ext obj id or does the agent
Coordinator, I suggest, in view of the fact that many agents may be 
required to move one file.
> * 4.3 item 2 - This looks like the coordinator could become a bottle
> neck for unlinks and slow down performance.  Could this be put in some
> type of async queue to be processed later (or some type of attic space)?
I agree with this.

> Use Cases
> * 2.3 (Use cases) - I'm really keen on this feature.  I think it is very
> important in order to make small file performance work well.
> Unfortunately, it isn't clear how the file list gets communicated to the
> archive tool.  The coordinator and agent seem to only take one file at a
> time.  So how would this work exactly?
> * 2.4 - The copy tool should be allowed to preemptively restage files.
> I think this will work with the design, but we should make sure of this.
> This would be useful for restaging a whole tar file versus doing things
> piece-meal.
> Part IV
> 2 EAs - I'm worried that the EA list could get huge for holes.
The EA merely points to an extent tree (similar to the allocation extent 
> 3.2 -item 3 - Who insures a file is archived before punches are made?
The coordinator.
> 3.3 - Another use case...  The user checks to see if a file has been
> archived.
> Also, someone earlier made the point about the archive tool being able
> to reorder request.  This is really important since an archival system
> wants to know all the files being restaged in order to order tape mounts
> and reads.  
> Thanks for taking the lead on this.  It looks like there is a lot of
> interest in it.
> --Shane
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> Hello
> Here is a first draft for comments of the Lustre HSM HLD.
> It is intended to be a support for further analyzes and comments from
> CFS/Sun.
> The document covers the main parts of the HSM features but some elements
> are still lacking.
> The policy management and the space manager will be describe later.
> Let us know your comments and ideas about it.
> Regards,
> Aurelien Degremont
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