[Lustre-devel] moving /proc to $MNT/.lustre

Nathan Rutman Nathan.Rutman at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 8 19:57:03 PST 2008

Alex Zhuravlev wrote:
> Andreas Dilger wrote:
>>> What's the plan to prevent various backups software (and also tar & 
>>> friends)
>>> from backing up and restoring (esp. restoring of course) values in 
>>> these
>>> files?
>> The typical way is that .lustre would not appear in readdir/getdirents
>> but could be accessed if explicitly named.
> wouldn't it make sense to get rid of .lustre and use lctl then?
> I guess we'll have to do this anyway if we want to use all our
> testing infrastructure with userspace servers.
No - there will be plenty of other things in .lustre as well:
log files
status indications

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