[Lustre-devel] Vector I/O api

Tom.Wang Tom.Wang at Sun.COM
Sat Jul 12 08:37:44 PDT 2008

Peter Braam wrote:
> Tom -
> In a recent call with CERN the request came up to construct a call 
> that can in parallel transfer an array of extents in a single file to 
> a list of buffers and vice-versa. 
> This call should be executed with read-ahead disabled, it will usually 
> be made when the user is well informed of the I/O that is about to 
> take place.
> Is this easy to get into the Lustre client (using our I/O library)? 
>  Do you have this already for MPI/IO use?
> Thanks.
> Peter
Hello, Peter

If you mean provide this list buffer read/write API in MPI by our 
library, it is easy.
Because MPI already provide such API, you can define proper 
discontingous buf_type
and file_type of these extents, and use (MPI_File_Write/read_all) to 
read/write these
buffers in one call . We only need disable read-ahead here. So it should 
be easy to
get into our I/O library.

But if you mean provide such API in llite, I am not sure it is easy. 
because it seems we
could only use ioctl to implement such non-posix API IMHO, which always 
has page-size
limit for transferring buffers here? It is probably I misunderstand 
something here.


This kind of list buffers transferring can be implemented with proper 
MPI file_view
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