[Lustre-devel] [Lustre-discuss] maximum MDT inode count

Jakob Goldbach jakob at goldbach.dk
Tue Jun 17 11:54:39 PDT 2008

>   Otherwise,
> I think people would be interested to know what the larger MDT sizes
> are (even if they aren't as high as 2B inodes).

I have three clusters of 400M inodes each. MDT formated with an inode
size of 256 and one inode per 1024 byte: '-I 256 -i 1024'. 

The cluster is split in three primarily to keep an eventual restore time
low but ideally this would be one big cluster with 1.2G inodes.

To other users: Note the inode size is less than recommended. My
stripecount is one so this is feasible without a performance hit but
Andreas warned me about future features which might add more user


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