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Nathaniel Rutman Nathan.Rutman at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 26 08:29:56 PST 2008

Alex Kulyavtsev wrote:
> Few questions :
> - For large existing archive of tapes (~10,000,000 files) it is 
> desirable to import file metadata to lustre fs without actually 
> copying files on disk.
> Import shall be done in reasonable time (hours rather than month) or 
> online.
Agreed.  Probably best done via a special ioctl that would create a stub 
file and populate the metadata.
> - to provide bandwidth to tape it is desirable to have multiple 
> migrator nodes connected to HSM. What element of proposed design 
> distributes copy-out processes across migrator nodes to provide 
> scalability ? Is it functionality of HSM specific copy tool or does 
> lustre agent provide it ?
Lustre agents can run on multiple Lustre clients in parallel.  
Coordinator distributes copyout jobs to different agents.
> - a "smart" HSM system can reorder requests to optimize tape access. 
> It is common to have 2000 requests pending in queue with tens or 
> hundreds IO transfers actually served. Current limit of pending 
> requests is about 30,000. We found implementing of pending requests as 
> processes (one copy-out tool process per request waiting for IO) is 
> resource consuming and is not scalable. What is the way to serve 
> ~100,000 request waiting for transfer ?
Coordinator decides when to request copyin/out jobs, and could throttle 
the total number of concurrent accesses.

> - how to prestage files ? Send asynchronous request for copy-in file 
> from tape without blocking on wait. It is needed to stage large data 
> sets for future processing. Prestaging "file sets" is desirable.
Policy engine would request copyin of files before cache miss on open.  
Policy could define file sets.
> - what proposed scanario to handle OST down ? Suppose file is present 
> on one of OSTs and it went down (striping is one). My understanding is 
> client will wait when OST will come back (case[1]) and file will not 
> be staged from tape automatically. IF file is not present on any OST, 
> it will be staged immediately (case[2]). Is possible to stage file 
> automatically (case[1]) to another OST and mark a copy on old OST for 
> removal ?
With our V2 HSM, we will have the ability to keep more detailed layouts; 
this optimization could be part of those changes.
> We discussed some of these questions with Peter, he suggested to ask 
> on devel list.
We greatly appreciate it!  Please ask/suggest away.
> Best regards, Alex.
> Nathaniel Rutman wrote:
>> High-level architecture page for the Lustre HSM project
>> http://arch.lustre.org/index.php?title=HSM_Migration
>> HSM core team - this is intended to be sufficient to write a full 
>> HLD/DLD from.  What is it missing?
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