[Lustre-devel] "Simple" HSM straw man

Aurelien Degremont aurelien.degremont at cea.fr
Thu Oct 16 07:09:09 PDT 2008

Nathaniel Rutman a écrit :
> Ok, I've been told I'm dead wrong here, and this will absolutely be 
> required for "complex" HSM (not "simple"), and so therefore we should at 
> least think about the arch now.  Supposedly we need to keep X bytes at 
> the beginning of the file for the unix "file" command, and supposedly 
> icon/preview data, and Y bytes at the end of the file, not sure exactly 
> why.
> We would still plan on deleting the OST objects in the middle.  And 
> clearly, a simple beginning/ending byte count is insufficient for the 
> final "complex" requirement of enabling partial file reads while doing a 
> copyin (where we would at a minimum need a per-object cursor). Anyhow, 
> as I write this none of this sounds like something that can't be 
> implemented at a later time, so I think we should stick with the 
> simplest of the simple options for now.

Can you just sum up the inplace copy-in mechanism that have been decided 
(between Menlo Park version and the other ones)?

Aurelien Degremont

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