[Lustre-devel] Doubly indexed tree / changelogs

Nathaniel Rutman Nathan.Rutman at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 23 14:46:38 PDT 2008

Peter Braam wrote:
> On 9/23/08 11:49 AM, "Nathaniel Rutman" <Nathan.Rutman at Sun.COM> wrote:
>> I actually added a "previous record" pointer in each changelog entry,
>> but fill it in only where it is cheap -- when the metadata object is
>> already in the cache I record the last changelog entry there. If it's
>> not in the cache, I don't know where the last record associated with
>> that fid is. We could store the last record number with the inode (EA?),
>> but that would potentially be painful if we are recording e.g. file
>> open/closes.
> Previous records are free - you get the previous one from the EA in the
> inode, and replace the inode with the record info of the record you are
> adding.  But for rename operations and others there are multiple pointers
> like this needed.
Currently I'm not reading or writing any EA for the changelog. Yes, if 
you want to tie in the fwd/back ptrs to the inode itself we need to do 
this, but I thought we were specifically discussing alternatives to 
doing that here (e.g. "auxiliary directory file mapping inodes to many 
changelog entries".) If we are e.g. recording every open/close for a 
file, do we really want to read/write the EA on the MDT every time, in 
addition to the changelog llog entry?

> Secondly, to make the changelogs useful and scalable for filesets we 
> will need to be able to list all changelog entries associated with a 
> certain inode efficiently. I see two ways to do this – one is an 
> auxiliary directory file mapping inodes to many changelog entries, the 
> second is to embed forward and backward pointers in the changelog 
> entries to build a linked list rooted at the inode (using an EA in the 
> inode pointing to the first and last element of the list). Both have 
> some overheads. What are your thoughts?

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