[Lustre-devel] client-side reply handling

Liang Zhen Zhen.Liang at Sun.COM
Thu Dec 3 19:30:13 PST 2009

Robert Read wrote:
>>> b) The request is re-sent and the same reply matchbits are used,
>>>  which is what I think happens currently for non-bulk reqs.
>> In theory, the reply to the re-sent request should be identical due
>> to reply reconstruction, so it shouldn't matter if it happens to
>> overwrite the same buffer.
> That's fine as long as the buffer is unlinked from the net before it gets swabbed, but hopefully that's the case already. 

I'm afraid it's not the case in ptlrpc_check_set(), we begin to swab 
reply when the request is marked as replied and unregister(unlink) reply 
buffer after that, it's the reason Eric brought the topic...


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