[Lustre-devel] Fwd: The Lustre community and GIT

Andreas Dilger adilger at sun.com
Wed Dec 16 14:47:29 PST 2009

On 2009-12-16, at 10:24, Yuriy Umanets wrote:
> Andreas Dilger wrote:
>> Peter Braam wrote:
>> > 2. We need MUCH more in the repository than Sun is putting into it.
>> >
>> > There are many development branches and sometimes abandoned  
>> projects
>> > that still have a lot of value.  For example, there is a nearly
>> > complete OS X client port - what if someone wanted to pick that up?
>> > Similarly, there are projects like size on MDS or the network
>> > request scheduler that may need help from the community to get
>> > finished or re-prioritized.
>> All of the Lustre history is still available in CVS, as it has always
>> been.  As far as I know (I've never checked it out myself) even the  
>> OS/
>> X client port is publicly available today, which was not true a few
>> years ago.
> I would say, some time ago publicly available cvs repository "did  
> not feel well".

Was this from a checkout, or only via CVS scraping tools like cvs2git?

> I could not find cmd2 (seems to be not available todays too), gns or  
> even cmd3 code

Doing a "cvs log lustre/ChangeLog" shows that tags for all of those  
projects exist on that file.  I haven't tried to do a checkout of one  
of those tags, but I'd expect them to be there.  I know that ages ago  
some branches were deleted (in particular b_devel), but I don't think  
there is anything of interest there.

> and any attempt to convert it to git or do anything that requires  
> "cvs rlog" resulted in this:
> cvs [rlog aborted]: unexpected '\x0' reading revision number in RCS
> file /lustre/lustre-core/demos/Attic/snaprest.sh,v
> exit: 1
> Obviously demos/snaprest.sh,v contained garbage. Now it seems to be  
> fixed.

This file was corrupted at some point in the past (binary zeros  
appended to the file), as was documented in bugs 17080 and 18564.   
That was fixed this past summer when we started our own Git conversion  
process and noticed the same problem.

That was never a problem for checking out useful branches either  
internally or externally, because I don't think snaprest.sh was used  
since early 2000 when Peter and I were working on snapfs, and it was  
deleted several years ago due to being completely obsolete.  It only  
was noticeable when trying to scrape the entire repository, including  
all of the history.

> I think this is why Peter said it is "not clear" if all valuable  
> branches are available in public cvs.

It's unfortunate that incorrect conclusions were reached with  
incomplete data.

The problem isn't whether all of the valuable branches are available  
in CVS, but rather which branches are the valuable ones?  I just  
checked, and there are 7638 tags in CVS, including 453 branches and  
490 release tags.  If there are some useful bits in there that you are  
aware of, I'd be happy to see them extracted from the rest and brought  
back to life.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Sr. Staff Engineer, Lustre Group
Sun Microsystems of Canada, Inc.

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