[Lustre-devel] New tags recently added to CVS

Terry Rutledge Terry.Rutledge at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 20 15:31:10 PST 2009

Hi all,

Just wanted to make you aware of a couple of new
CVS tags that I've created.

*v1_9_160* - Biweekly build for the 2.0 Release.
    This is not an official release, just a build
    to be used for internal testing.

*v1_8_0_RC2* - Second Release Candidate for the 1.8.0
    Release.  This is not the final release, as we
    know that we will be producing RC3 in the near

*v1_6_7* - This is the official release for Lustre 1.6.7.
    Previously this was v1_6_7_RC5.

I'll send further updates when I've created new tags.

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