[Lustre-devel] moving obd_fail_check to libcfs

di wang di.wang at sun.com
Mon Feb 23 17:04:05 PST 2009


Nicholas Henke wrote:
> Is there a branch name I could checkout to look at this ? I'd like to 
> make sure the fail_loc move would be easy to tie into that.
It is in the b_hd_params, and you can also check bug 15384.

>> The only difference for those sysctl parameters is that you may not 
>> use /etc/sysctl.conf to control them anymore, and lctl set_param is 
>> the only interface here.
>> Actually, you can also move this now. but it means you need move 
>> those obd proc api to libcfs layer,  which  might  not  be  small  
>> amount  of  work.
> It isn't too bad - they use the CFS_PROC_PROTO and not all of the 
> lprocfs_XXX() functionality.
> It should like this would have a limited lifetime in 1.6.X and 1.8.X, 
> but I'm fine with that. That gives us a bit of time :-)
> Nic

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