[Lustre-devel] SAM-QFS, ADM, and Lustre HSM

Vicky White vyw at ornl.gov
Fri Jan 30 06:26:19 PST 2009

>> Looks like HPSS will support EA in, June 2009
>> I have asked Vicky here at ORNL to dig a bit into what the EA 
>> features will look like.   
> The last draft of this design I saw was from November.    Work on this 
> is picking up right now and has been bumped to a high priority, due 
> for release this June, as Galen says.   I am trying to find out if 
> there is a later design and how much about it I can share.

I just realized the June date is internal.  That's when hpss developers 
are to have their code unit tested.  After that comes integration and 
system testing.   This feature will not likely be released until around 


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