[Lustre-devel] Security configuration

Nathaniel Rutman Nathan.Rutman at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 5 10:05:22 PST 2009

Eric Barton wrote:
> Nathan,
> We'd like to be able to describe a set of nodes and say that
> as far as security is concerned, they are all equivalent - i.e. if
> an MDT authorizes eeb at node1 to perform a certain action, then
> eeb at nodex is implicitly authorized provided node1 and nodex are in
> the same set.
> Leaving aside for now, the question of how the sets are described
> (they could be whole LNETs or whole Kerberos realms, or NID lists),
> is the MGS the right place to stash this config?
Yes, I think the MGS is the right place to stash any config.
FWIW we're pretty seriously thinking about removing all the distributed 
configuration we can (mkfs/tunefs.lustre settings and module parameters) 
and concentrating it all on the MGS node in a text-based config file.   
Exceptions would have to be made for the network setup, so that everyone 
could talk to the MGS -- so lnet networks and MGS nids would still have 
to be stored locally.

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