[Lustre-devel] WBC HLD outline

Alex Zhuravlev bzzz at sun.com
Wed Mar 25 01:33:12 PDT 2009

>>>>> Alexander Zarochentsev (AZ) writes:

 AZ> On 24 March 2009 02:17:33 Robert Read wrote:
 >> Hi Zam,

 >> > MD update: a part of MD operation to be executed on one server,
 >> > contains one or more MDS/RAW operations.
 >> Why does the client need to to be more granular than an update?  It
 >> seems MDS/Raw and update should be the same.

 AZ> well, better to say an update is MDS op if the operation touch only one 
 AZ> MD server and MDS/Raw op in case of distributed operation.

I think this just adds unneeded entity to the system. stating that
we either have updates or operations is simpler.

 >> Isn't this essentially what the cmm is doing today? (Breaking down
 >> distributed operations into per-node updates?)  Are you expanding on
 >> Alex's idea of creating a new generic MD server stack?

 AZ> I just doubt that cmm code reuse is worth MD stack relayering. Can it be 
 AZ> done as a subtask later?

I don't think CMM is right thing because it essentially breaks layering:
instead of sending object creation request in terms of OSD API or index
insert in terms of OSD API it introduces some intermediate thing which
is neither operation nor update.

 >> You mean by keeping the original operation info in the undo logs?

 AZ> I meant the servers receive not updates but whole operations. If the 
 AZ> client failed and didn't send an update to some of the servers, the 
 AZ> operation can be completed w/o the client. It is an alternative to 
 AZ> undoing of partial updates.

same can be done with updates if you send them through single server.
and you don't need to put additional cpu processing to parse operation
into updates.

thanks, Alex

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