[Lustre-devel] WBC HLD outline

Alex Zhuravlav bzzz at sun.com
Wed Mar 25 09:32:39 PDT 2009

>>>>> Alexander Zarochentsev (AZ) writes:

 AZ> Server MD stack has to support both WBC and non-WBC clients for the same 
 AZ> objects. It is why I think MDT layer should handle MD ops as well as 
 AZ> MDS/RAW ops. Then CMM only passes RAW operations to MDD layer, where 
 AZ> raw ops are already supported.

btw, what's problem with supporting WBC and non-WBC clients for same objects?

any time you access some object via short (MDT-OSD for WBC client) or long
(MDT-MDD-OSD) for non-WBC client) it's initialized at all layers (MDT-MDD-OSD).

thanks, Alex

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