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Hello, Michael

There is a logfile parser script in the attachment, which was written by 

This script is very simple, but it should help you understand how we 
retrieve time step information from lustre debug log. On the server 
side, if you enable rpc_trace log, whenever the request arrive/start 
being processed/end of processing, there will be corresponding records 
being written into the debug log. Basically, you can get all the time 
step information from these records (actually only two of these records 
would be enough).

Handling RPC pname:cluuid+ref:pid:xid:nid:opc 
ll_mgs_00:7d4fb15c-1b1c-295f-e466-ea7d77089b52+10:4055:x1334115493386242:12345-0 at lo:400

This record means the req will being handled, so you can get the start 
time stamp(1272313858.472660) operation type (opc: 400, ping), xid 
(1334115493386242), client nid(12345-0 at lo) and so on.

Handled RPC pname:cluuid+ref:pid:xid:nid:opc 
ll_mgs_00:7d4fb15c-1b1c-295f-e466-ea7d77089b52+9:4055:x1334115493386242:12345-0 at lo:400 
Request procesed in 45us (77us total) trans 0 rc 0/0

This record means the req is already being handled, so you can get the 
end time stamp(1272313858.472687), operation type (opc: 400, ping), xid 
(1334115493386242), client nid(12345-0 at lo) and so no.

Note: (77us total) means how long it takes from the request arriving to 
the end of processing. so you can also get the request arriving time 
stamp here by (1272313858 - 77 = 1272312781).

So with these information you can draw the graph Eric mentioned in his 
email. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Eric Barton wrote:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject:
> RE: Visualising Lustre RPCs
> To:
> "Michael Kluge" <Michael.Kluge at tu-dresden.de>, "wangdi" 
> <Tom.Wang at Sun.COM>
> To:
> "Michael Kluge" <Michael.Kluge at tu-dresden.de>, "wangdi" 
> <Tom.Wang at Sun.COM>
> CC:
> <lustre-devel at lists.lustre.org>, "Galen M. Shipman" <gshipman at ornl.gov>
> Michael,
> The previous Lustre RPC visualisation effort I mentioned at the LUG 
> used the
> Lustre debug log entries of type D_RPCTRACE. We disabled all but these
> log messages and then used the Lustre debug daemon to collect them while
> we ran I/O tests. We then ran a simple logfile parser which used just 
> the log entries
> for request arrival…
> , start of processing and end of processing to graph request
> queue depth (arrival->end) and the number of requests being serviced 
> by type
> over time – e.g…
> read3d
> …which shows request queue depth (vertical) over time (axis labelled 
> 20-25) by
> server (axis labelled 0-80).
> *From:* Michael Kluge [mailto:Michael.Kluge at tu-dresden.de]
> *Sent:* 17 April 2010 6:26 AM
> *To:* Galen M. Shipman; Eric Barton
> *Subject:* Visualising Lustre RPCs
> Hi Galen, Eric,
> in order to get this little project started, I think what I need at 
> first to
> write a prototype for a converter are the following things:
> A set of test traces collected on maybe a handful of clients and some 
> servers
> is probably a good point to start with. It would be even better if we know
> what is in this traces so that we have an expectation what kind of things
> we want to see on the Vampir displays. This little program that Eric 
> mentioned
> that can read the trace file would be very helpful as well. And as the 
> last
> idea I have right now, a technical contact. I might come up with a couple
> of question after I have taken the first look onto the original trace 
> data
> and before I start writing code.
> Regards, Michael
> -- 
> Michael Kluge, M.Sc.
> Technische Universität Dresden
> Center for Information Services and
> High Performance Computing (ZIH)
> D-01062 Dresden
> Germany
> Contact:
> Willersbau, Room WIL A 208
> Phone: (+49) 351 463-34217
> Fax: (+49) 351 463-37773
> e-mail: michael.kluge at tu-dresden.de <mailto:michael.kluge at tu-dresden.de>
> WWW: http://www.tu-dresden.de/zih

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