[Lustre-devel] Lustre Message Sending/Receiving Problems

Vilobh Meshram vilobh.meshram at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 13:48:27 PDT 2010

I want to understand the message encoding and decoding logic in Lustre.I am
planning to send the lustre_msg (lustre_msg_v2) in the ptlrpc_request with
some additional fields to the server (MDS). But when I add those fields I
was not able to see their values at the Server end i.e MDS.For example say
we now have 8 values + the variable size buffer which might be able to
include the additional entries.So I want to add some additional entries to
the variable part of the message.

If you can please give me some insight on the way the Lustre File system
encodes decodes the messages sent accross nodes it would be helpful.I have
traced down the following code path  and see that inorder to send the
message we need only three steps :-

Do I need to take into consideration any other things ?
Any help in this regard will be highly useful.

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