[Lustre-devel] Git commit message format

Aurélien Degrémont aurelien.degremont at cea.fr
Thu Dec 9 12:15:20 PST 2010

Le 09/12/2010 17:50, Johann Lombardi a écrit :
> This stands for "author". This is used when the author of the patch is 
> different from the person who submits it. While this was needed for 
> CVS, we can now easily change the "Author" field with git and land a 
> patch on behalf of someone else.
I think it could be good that git commit reflets the real patch author. 
(This could be useful for Ohloh by the way :-))
But may be you could find it useful for internal process to know who 
really comitted it, and in this case, it could be better to add a tag 
'c=' for committer, and git author is the real patch author.


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