[Lustre-devel] Reg /// OSS rebooted automatically

Daniel Raj danielraj2006 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 20:30:20 PST 2010

Hi Genius,

Good Day  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am Daniel. My OSS getting  automatically rebooted again and again . kindly
help to me

Its showing the below error messages

 *kernel: LustreError: 23351:0:(ldlm_lib.c:1892:target_send_reply_msg()) @@@
processing error (-19)  req at ffff810400e24400 x1353488904620274/t0
o8-><?>@<?>:0/0 lens 368/0 e 0 to 0 dl 1292738958 ref 1 fl Interpret:/0/0 rc
kernel: LustreError: 137-5: UUID 'south-ost7_UUID' is not available  for
connect (no target)
kernel: LustreError: 23284:0:(ldlm_lib.c:1892:target_send_reply_msg()) @@@
processing error (-19)  req at ffff8101124c7c00 x1353488904620359/t0
o8-><?>@<?>:0/0 lens 368/0 e 0 to 0 dl 1292739025 ref 1 fl Interpret:/0/0 rc


Daniel A
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