[Lustre-devel] Reg /// OSS rebooted automatically

Brian J. Murrell brian.murrell at oracle.com
Tue Dec 21 06:35:10 PST 2010

On Tue, 2010-12-21 at 10:00 +0530, Daniel Raj wrote: 
> Hi Genius,
> Good Day  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> I am Daniel. My OSS getting  automatically rebooted again and again . kindly
> help to me


This is inappropriate content for this list.  This list is for
discussing issues about the development of Lustre.

You already posted this same message to lustre-discuss and I responded
there telling you that you have not provided enough information and that
it's entirely possible (probable perhaps) that your problem is not even
related to Lustre since what you are getting are full reboots.

Please direct any followups to lustre-discuss, not this list.


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