[Lustre-devel] SOM questions

Aleksandr Guzovskiy Aleksandr.Guzovskiy at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 6 08:51:48 PST 2010

Eric Barton wrote:
> Vitaly,
> 1. Clients must replay opens on the MDS if "done writing" is still
>    pending to notify the new MDS that this file is volatile.  Does it
>    matter whether the client already sent "close" to the previous MDS
>    instance?  Does it have to send "close" again?
> 2. I assume "done writing" is only sent after stripe updates have been
>    committed, not just executed so that cached SOM attributes are not
>    dependent on the client still being around to participate in
>    recovery if an OST fails.  Is this correct?

And this has the interaction with async data commit feature I brought up 
  during SC09 meetings i.e. client can't assume anymore OST IO is 



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