[Lustre-devel] readdir for striped dir

Tom.Wang Tom.Wang at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 22 16:09:39 PDT 2010

In CMD, one directory can be striped to several MDTs according to the 
hash value of each entry (calculated by its name). Suppose we have N 
MDTs and hash range is 0 to MAX_HASH. First server will keep records 
with hashes [ 0 ... MAX_HASH / N  - 1], second one with hashes [MAX_HASH 
/ N ... 2 * MAX_HASH / N] and so on.  Currently, it uses the same hash 
policy with the one used on disk(ldiskfs/ext3 hash), so when reading 
striped directory, the entries from different stripe objects can be 
mapped on client side cache simply, actually this page cache is only 
maintained in llite layer. But this bonding of CMD split-dir protocal 
with on-disk hash seems not good, and it even brings more problems when 
porting MDT to kdmu.  

This dir-entry page cache should be moved to mdc layer, and each stripe 
object will have its own page cache. It will need 2 lookups for locating 
an entry in the page cache, first locating the stripe 
objects(ll_stripe_offset will be added in ll_file_data to indicate the 
stripe offset), then got the page by offset(f_pos) inside the 
stripe_object. The entry page cache can even be organized as the favor 
of different purposes, for example readdir-plus, dir-extent lock. Idealy 
we can reuse the cl_page on mdc layer, but that might need object 
layering on metadata stack. In the first step probably register some 
page callback for mdc to manage the page cache.

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