[Lustre-devel] LNET:where in the code dose the file obeject's private data gets filled up.

ankit sharma ankit1984.cool at gmail.com
Tue May 25 11:07:38 PDT 2010

Hi all,
        I am new to Lustre code. So i am sorry if my question is trivial or

My question:

On line number 116 of the file lnet/lnet/router_proc.c
variable ver_p is getting set from the proc file object's private data.

Can any one tell me which part of the lustre code dose this file object
private data
gets initialized / set .

conceptually in can imagine it should (correct me if I am worng) be set in
open call of the file ( /proc/sys/lnet/routers )

BUT I cant locate the Lustre code that dose that(sets the private data of
file object).

code snippet form lnet/lnet/router_proc.c

int LL_PROC_PROTO(proc_lnet_routes)
        int        rc     = 0;
        char      *tmpstr;
        char      *s;
        const int  tmpsiz = 256;
        int        len;
        int       *ver_p  = (unsigned int *)(&filp->private_data);


        LASSERT (!write);

        if (*lenp == 0)
                return 0;

        LIBCFS_ALLOC(tmpstr, tmpsiz);
        if (tmpstr == NULL)
                return -ENOMEM;

        s = tmpstr; /* points to current position in tmpstr[] */

        if (*ppos == 0) {
                s += snprintf(s, tmpstr + tmpsiz - s, "Routing %s\n",
                              the_lnet.ln_routing ? "enabled" : "disabled");
                LASSERT (tmpstr + tmpsiz - s > 0);

                s += snprintf(s, tmpstr + tmpsiz - s, "%-8s %4s %7s %s\n",
                              "net", "hops", "state", "router");
                LASSERT (tmpstr + tmpsiz - s > 0);

                *ver_p = (unsigned int)the_lnet.ln_remote_nets_version;

} else {
                struct list_head  *n;
                struct list_head  *r;
                lnet_route_t      *route = NULL;
                lnet_remotenet_t  *rnet  = NULL;
                int                skip  = *ppos - 1;


                if (*ver_p != (unsigned int)the_lnet.ln_remote_nets_version)
                        LIBCFS_FREE(tmpstr, tmpsiz);
                        return -ESTALE;

                n = the_lnet.ln_remote_nets.next;
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