[Lustre-devel] problem with CMD

Ravi raviprakashdrbh at aol.com
Tue Feb 22 19:54:00 PST 2011

Hello  All 

I have been working on lustre for 3-4 months and now want to move CMD(clustered meta data).i am using lustre-2.0.0.I was not able to  get any links or documents which  could help me install it.I  came across some documents one which  asked me to format the one MDT(drive) and mount it on 2 MDS and the MDS takes care of notifying the client.Another document said i should format 2 (separate )drives as MDT and then mount it on the 2 MDS.Also i read that CMD has a master MDS and Slave MDS.Do we have to configure it differently ? Also i could get some rpms for patched kernel from lustre download site for lustre-ldiskfs-3.2.0-2.6.18_164.11.1.el5_lustre.
lustre-modules-, kernel-2.6.18-164.11.1.el5_lustre. i am not sure if i can use the same patched kernel i was using for Single MDS setup. I am not exactly able to figure out how this should be done.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks    

Raviprakash Darbha 

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