[Lustre-devel] discontiguous kiov pages

wang wang at cray.com
Wed Jun 1 19:33:31 PDT 2011

Our gnilnd is running into a hole in kiov list in Lustre 2.1:

LustreError: 17837:0:(gnilnd_cb.c:594:kgnilnd_setup_phys_buffer()) Can't make payload
contiguous in I/O VM:page 17, offset 0, nob 6350, kiov_offset 0 kiov_len 2254
LustreError: 17837:0:(gnilnd_cb.c:1751:kgnilnd_send()) unable to setup buffer: -22

Is it now legal for an internal IOV (or KIOV) page to have less than a full page size ?

It used to be that only the first and last page in an IOV were allowed 
to be of a offset + length < PAGE_SIZE.

It doesn't have this problem with 1.8 client and 2.1 server.


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