[Lustre-devel] SuSE server support

James Simmons jsimmons at infradead.org
Wed Jun 22 09:00:51 PDT 2011


	I just finsihed up the SuSE code port of ldiskfs for Lustre 2.1.
The link is http://jira.whamcloud.com/browse/LU-335 and the git branch is
http://review.whamcloud.com/#change,575. Currently two SuSE versions are 

SuSE SP0 -
SuSE SP1 -
SP0 is at the end line but at my work we still will need to support it. As 
for SP1 that is a moving target. In order for SP1 support to work at all 
parties involved must agree on a single kernel version to work with, which 
is one of the reasons I posted this message. The second reason is to have
people test this code out. Please don't use it in a production 
environment :-) It could eat your data!! Thank  you.

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