[Lustre-devel] lustre 1.8+ issues with automounter

Alexey Lyashkov alexey_lyashkov at xyratex.com
Thu Mar 3 21:47:59 PST 2011

On Mar 4, 2011, at 07:48, Jeremy Filizetti wrote:

> Ever since we moved from Lustre 1.6.6 to 1.8 I've seen issues with using
> the automounter and Lustre.  I've finally got around to looking at what
> the issue is, but I'm not quite sure what the correct way to resolve it
> is.  I think the issue will remain in 2.0+ but I didn't look closely at
> the code.  The issue is that lov_connect which calls lov_connect_obd is
> an asynchronous connect that does not wait for all OSCs to be connected
> before returning.  In the end lustre_fill_super can return before all
> OSCs have been set active so any file operations that caused the
> automount may return an error.  Many lov functions check to make sure
> the lov_tgt_desc ltd_active flag is 1 or return -EIO. 
you patch is wrong in case some OSC targets will be inaccessible (in maintenance, or network troubles).
In that case lov_connect will stick in waiting for infinity time, but that is don't expected behavior. 
Can you provide more details about what is situation confuses automount ?
or try to move
        err = obd_statfs(obd, &osfs, cfs_time_current_64() - HZ, 0);                                                                  
        if (err)                                                                                                                      
                GOTO(out_mdc, err);                                                                                                   
from current location to something after get root fid.

if FS mounted without lazystatfs option, obd_statfs will blocked until all connection requests is finished.
so you will have same behavior but without changes in obd_connect() code.

Alexey Lyashkov
alexey_lyashkov at xyratex.com

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