[Lustre-devel] [lustre-devel] lustre-devel packaging - LU-482

Nathan Rutman Nathan_Rutman at xyratex.com
Tue Nov 15 07:43:31 PST 2011

On Nov 15, 2011, at 7:22 AM, "Bruce Korb" <bruce_korb at xyratex.com> wrote:

> Hi Adreas,
> On 11/15/11 1:47 AM, Andreas Dilger wrote:
>> On 2011-11-14, at 7:11 AM, Bruce Korb wrote:
>> My main question would be - do you _need_ to have access to all of the
>> headers that you included, or did you simply include all of the headers
>> because that was the easiest thing to do?  Doing a simple check on the
>> current master tree, it appears you just copied all of the headers in
>> libcfs/include, lnet/include, and lustre/include (which total 186 files).
> Were the private vs. public headers separated in some way, then
> the unwanted exports could be removed.  At the moment, I think
> the assumption has to be that clients of the lustre-devel package
> would have to be friendly clients.  Very friendly.  Right now, we
> have actual clients grubbing around all over the lustre source
> tree in a very unfriendly way.
Actually I thought we were careful to only expose llapi_* functions. So what's doing the grubbing?

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