[Lustre-devel] Does LUSTRE supports setfsuid/setfsgid ?

DENIEL Philippe philippe.deniel at cea.fr
Fri Mar 2 04:25:20 PST 2012

Hi List,

I am the maintener of NFS-Ganesha, a NFS server running in User Space. 
The server has several backends on different filesystems. One of the 
backend is dedicated to LUSTRE, using liblustreapi.a .
The server is generic and I faced the problem to "su" to a user inside a 
thread for backends whose calls have no specific credentials parameter. 
For backends like XFS, GPFS and VFS (they are accessed via the "open by 
handle" feature in kernel > 2.6.39) I can use setfsuid/setfsgid. I works 
pretty well and provides a way to "become" a different user in different 
threads. I plan to use the same kind of logic with LUSTRE.
Here comes my question : does LUSTRE supports setfsuid and setfsgid and 
it behaves a every filesystem accessed by the VFS ?



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