[Lustre-devel] oldest lustre supported SUSE kernel

James Simmons jsimmons at infradead.org
Fri Mar 9 04:56:54 PST 2012

> > As you can tell, we do not build the SLES11 SP0 client ourselves automatically, only the SP1 client,
> > but if the effort is not huge it would be preferable to keep this client working.  We typically try to
> > keep the range of working clients as large as possible, since administrators may not have as much
> > control over the running clients as they do over the servers.
> > 
> > I would guess (without having looked at the SP0 kernel) that it may just be possible to change
> > lustre/autoconf/lustre-core.m4 to check this prototype, and move the two ll_page_mkwrite() helpers
> > into their own "#ifdef HAVE_PAGE_MKWRITE_VM_FAULT" section separate from HAVE_VM_OP_FAULT.
> Thanks for confirming that it is still supported. And I verified it can be fixed as you described. I created LU-1200 and attached the fix there.

Sorry to nit pick but can you push your patch with gerrit instead of just 
posting it to the Jira ticket.

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