[Lustre-devel] New test framework

Nathan Rutman nathan_rutman at xyratex.com
Fri Nov 9 19:12:38 PST 2012

For awhile now I've believed that the current built-in Lustre tests have a number of problems and limitations that are limiting their usefulness in finding Lustre bugs or providing a good proxy for Lustre quality.  We started this initially with a discussion on TWG, further refined some ideas for our LAD presentation, and have now finally articulated them in a semi-coherent manner here:

Chris Gearing at Intel is also heavily interested in this, and has started turning some of these thoughts into an actual spec, but before I integrate those I'd like to get a little feedback from the community on the high-level concepts.  I'd also like to hear back from others that are interested in the topic (and hopefully willing to work on it) so we can put together a special-interest list for discussion.

I've given everyone comment rights and Chris and Roman edit rights for this doc - if anyone else wants to be an editor, let me know.

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