[Lustre-devel] UID/GID access control in Lustre

Joshua Walgenbach jjw at iu.edu
Wed Apr 17 14:22:43 PDT 2013

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Hi Thomas,

We've been working on something similar. I think Aurélien sent you a
pointer to the contract with OpenSFS, which should have all the
documentation for our project. We've had a basic uidmapping scheme
running in production since 2008, and we are working to get an
expanded implementation into master.

I'm happy to share anything we've done with you if it will help.
Additionally, a colleague of mine committed some Kerberos patches to
master that may address the broken-ness in 2.3. I'll pass your mail on
to him and see if he has any insights. I pushed our initial set of
patches up to bugzilla.lustre.org, and its available at


Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out. I'm happy
to do it on the list or one on one in email.

- -Josh

On 4/16/13 5:15 AM, Thomas Stibor wrote:
> Hello list members,
> I started to develop a kernel module which hooks into Lustre 2.3
> for controlling data access based on nid and uid/gid. The
> background is the following: Here at GSI we have currently a
> reserved uid/gid space which partner institutes are using to access
> our exported Lustre mounts. However, we currently have no mechanism
> to control (guaranty) that the reserved uid/gid space are used. We
> can control the access on IP based firewall level but not on a
> UID/GID level.
> The kernel module reads input via /proc/lugac (Lustre User Group
> Access Control), e.g.
> echo "10.10.[1-10].[1-128]@tcp5 [100-200] [100-200]" > /proc/lugac
> and stores this information within a c-struct which is stored as a
> node in a linked-list. The kernel module exports the function:
> int allow_access_nugid(const char *const nid, const uid_t uid,
> const gid_t gid)
> which tells whether access for a certain nid, uid and gid is
> granted. I did some "integration experiments" after studying the
> Lustre 2.3 code and tracing the function calls with lctl
> debug_daemon and sysctl -w lnet.debug=+trace sysctl -w
> lnet.debug=+info sysctl -w lnet.debug=+inode sysctl -w
> lnet.debug=+super sysctl -w lnet.debug=+ext2 ....
> and integrated the function allow_access_nugid(...) in 
> lustre/mdt/mdt_lib.c inside
> static int old_init_ucred(struct mdt_thread_info *info, struct
> mdt_body *body) { struct md_ucred *uc = mdt_ucred(info); struct
> mdt_device  *mdt = info->mti_mdt; struct md_identity *identity =
> uc->mu_valid = UCRED_INVALID; uc->mu_o_uid = uc->mu_uid =
> body->uid; uc->mu_o_gid = uc->mu_gid = body->gid; uc->mu_o_fsuid =
> uc->mu_fsuid = body->fsuid; uc->mu_o_fsgid = uc->mu_fsgid =
> body->fsgid; uc->mu_suppgids[0] = body->suppgid; uc->mu_suppgids[1]
> = -1; uc->mu_ginfo = NULL; if
> (!is_identity_get_disabled(mdt->mdt_identity_cache)) { identity =
> mdt_identity_get(mdt->mdt_identity_cache, uc->mu_fsuid); if
> (IS_ERR(identity)) { if (unlikely(PTR_ERR(identity) == -EREMCHG))
> { identity = NULL; } else { CDEBUG(D_SEC, "Deny access without 
> identity: " "uid %u\n", uc->mu_fsuid); RETURN(-EACCES); } } } /*
> MODIFICATION: UID/GID access control verification. */ if 
> (allow_access_nugid(libcfs_nid2str(mdt_info_req(info)->rq_peer.nid),
body->uid, body->gid)) {
> CDEBUG(D_INFO, "Deny access for %s, uid: %d, gid: %d due to missing
> entry in access control list\n",
> libcfs_nid2str(mdt_info_req(info)->rq_peer.nid), body->uid,
> body->gid); RETURN(-EACCES); } ... }
> At a first view it seems to work. A user where nid/uid/gid is not
> a member of the linked list gets e.g.
> user1 at>ls /lustre ls: cannot access /lustre:
> Permission denied
> Another user which has the proper entry in the linked list gets
> user2 at>ls /lustre data.raw
> However, repeating the same steps with user1 again, he/she can also
> see the file data.raw.
> Can anybody tell me in which Lustre function such a
> allow_access_nugid() could be properly placed? I also started to
> study lustre/mdd/mdd_permission.c, however, also with no
> "integration success".
> The long term goal is to setup a Kerberized Lustre and to use the 
> /etc/idmap.conf functionality , however, currently the Kerberos
> support for Lustre > 2.3 is broken and I have started to work on
> some patches for fixing this problem.
> Best wishes, Thomas
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