[Lustre-devel] Export over NFS sets rsize to 1MB?

James Vanns james.vanns at framestore.com
Mon May 13 06:19:38 PDT 2013

Hello dev list. Apologies for a post to perhaps the wrong group but I'm having a
bit of difficulty locating any document or wiki describing how and/or where the
preferred read and write block size for NFS exports of a Lustre filesystem are
set to 1MB?

Basically we have two Lustre filesystems exported over NFSv3. Our lustre block size
is 4k and the max r/w size is 1MB. Without any special rsize/wsize options set for
the export the default one suggested to clients (MOUNT->FSINFO RPC) as the preferred
size is set to 1MB. How does Lustre figure this out? Other non-Lustre exports are generally
much less; 4, 8, 16 or 32 kilobytes.

Any hints would be appreciated. Documentation or code paths welcome as are annotated /proc locations.



PS. This is Lustre 1.8.8 on Linux 2.6.32

Jim Vanns
Senior Software Developer

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