[Lustre-devel] Starting and using a self written LND

Tobias Groschup groschup at stud.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Oct 7 07:42:48 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I am still at the task of writing a new LND. Finally got Lustre to build 
with our own software stack.

Now I want to test the new LND. Of course, it does not implement much 
functionality yet. In fact, it only has a stump for the send and receive 
functions, and a startup and shutdown function which sets up the 
software context for the network card and closes it.
I can load the module, and LNet does not crash after adding the new 
entries to the LND types enum in libcfs/include/libcfs/libcfs private.h 
and to libcfs_netstrfns[] in libcfs/libcfs/nidstrings.c.

So the question is: how does one invoke the startup function after 
loading an LND module? I tried lclt and its network up command, which 
returned without error, but I did not see the debug output which is 
printed via printks.

And: are the modifications to the libcfs mentioned above all that are 
needed to declare an LND to libcfs?

Thanks and Greetings

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