[lustre-devel] LIBCFS_ALLOC

Julia Lawall julia.lawall at lip6.fr
Sat Jun 27 23:52:46 PDT 2015

It is not clear that all of the uses of LIBCFS_ALLOC really risk needing 
vmalloc.  For example:

lnet/klnds/socklnd/socklnd.c, function ksocknal_accept:

ksock_connreq_t *cr;
LIBCFS_ALLOC(cr, sizeof(*cr));

The definition of ksock_connreq_t is:

typedef struct ksock_connreq {
        struct list_head ksncr_list;  /* stash on ksnd_connd_connreqs */
        lnet_ni_t        *ksncr_ni;   /* chosen NI */
        struct socket    *ksncr_sock; /* accepted socket */
} ksock_connreq_t;

This looks like a very small structure.

LIBCFS_ALLOC relies on a test on the size, which should be able to be 
compiled away.  libcfs_kvzalloc on the other hand relies on the failure of 
kmalloc and so the test for that won't be compiled away.

Does it matter?


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