[Lustre-devel] NEEDED: Volunteers to lead Developer Day discussions

Christopher J. Morrone morrone2 at llnl.gov
Mon Mar 2 09:54:39 PST 2015

Hello everyone,

The Thursday immediately following LUG 2015 will be a Lustre Developer 
Day.  Developer Day is the perfect place to pitch your proposed changes 
to the Lustre code.  Surrounded by your Lustre software development 
peers, you can receive immediate constructive feedback and rally others 
to join you in your efforts.

We need volunteers to lead discussions sessions!  Ideally each 
discussion session will consist of a short pitch followed by feedback 
and discussion with the audience of Lustre developers.

If you are a Lustre software developer and you would like to lead a 
discussion session, please contact me with your proposed topic by no 
later than 5pm Pacific time on March 9th.


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