[lustre-devel] Changelogs and RH

Ulka Vaze ulka.vaze at clogeny.com
Tue May 12 21:33:46 PDT 2015

Hello Nathan ,
   I was just going through the questions and i was wondering
     Is it possible to have SNMP trap like mechanism in MDS ?

    Every  policy engine has to register for the traps or events from MDS.
Traps can be change log full , or disk  full etc.
 So when MDS reaches high water mark it will send trap  to RH
then RH should buffer requests till it gets next trap.

But i am not aware of architectural complexity or amount of change needed
I am new to lustre. So sorry if i have suggested something which might have
already discussed or stupid in this context.
So this is just a thought and thought of sharing to have your view.

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> Someone sent me a link to this:
> http://arxiv.org/pdf/1505.02656v1.pdf
> Very cool. We'll need to start using that.
> This reminded me to send my changelog/robinhood/HSM concerns that I brought
> up at LUG to you guys for your thoughts.
> 1. What should happen when the changelog on an MDS fills up? Maybe LCAP
> helps with the processing rate, but fundamentally the issue might still
> happen if nobody consumes due to various software or comms errors. We
> should either stop recording records and risk losing change tracking, or
> stop MDS processing. (I believe at the moment this will just crash the
> MDS.) We probably need a high water mark.
> 2. There should be some kind of rate limiting for HSM requests (RH to MDS),
> so that the number of HSM requests queued up in the coordinator doesn't
> grow without bound.  Probably we need a -EAGAIN return code to RH at some
> point.
> 3. It feels like there needs to be some feedback from the backend HSM
> storage to RH, in particular to pass back a "backend full" message. We can
> presumably pass a backend ENOSPC from the copytool back to the Coordinator,
> but how can that message get back to Robinhood? I guess coordinator could
> start returning ENOSPC for subsequent archive requests from RH, but then we
> have to clear that response if the backend condition clears.
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Thanks & Regards,

   *Ulka Vaze*
Principle System Software Engineer,


Ulka.vaze at clogeny.com

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