[lustre-devel] Possible minor bug

Dilger, Andreas andreas.dilger at intel.com
Wed May 27 13:55:27 PDT 2015

On 2015/05/27, 2:03 PM, "Patrick Farrell" <paf at cray.com<mailto:paf at cray.com>> wrote:

While doing some other work, I noticed something I believe is a potential problem in the server side quota code.

Specifically, in qmt_glimpse_lock:

While the resource lock (a spin lock) is held, it does


Since allocations can sleep, doesn't this allocation need to be atomic?

So, following the current Lustre convention, it should be:
LIBCFS_ALLOC_ATOMIC(work, sizeof(struct

You could also use OBD_ALLOC_GFP(work, sizeof(*work), GFP_ATOMIC), which is equivalent, but at least keeps the same paradigm of other allocations in this code.

I have seen no actual bugs from this, but I hit a hang while modifying the equivalent code in ofd_intent_policy for lock ahead, and I think the same hang is theoretically possible here.  My understanding is that, in general, doing allocations while holding a spin lock is not recommended.

Not only not recommended, but not allowed for GFP_NOFS allocations.  Probably if you had CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK or similar enabled, you would get a warning here due to __might_sleep() in the allocation path.

I'm hoping for other input before I go further - Am I right that this is something which needs fixing?  If so, I'll open an LU and submit a patch.

Yes, please do.

Cheers, Andreas

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