[lustre-devel] adding IOCTL for ping

Ben Evans bevans at cray.com
Tue Sep 15 13:53:01 PDT 2015

You¹re correct, targets and client Ids would probably be better.  I was
simply thinking that it would be a relatively straightforward piece of
code to write that could add some good flexibility into Lustre.  Combine
it with an "X is dead, evict it² IOCTL and you could probably do quite a
bit of good, especially if you¹ve got a management system that is also
monitoring aliveness, locations of targets, etc.

-Ben Evans

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>Maybe there is just not enough detail in the proposal, but I am not
>seeing why associating this with NIDs is the right way to go.  I believe
>that the RAS work that would use the gossip protocol dealt, at least in
>part, with higher level concepts like targets.  The existing ptlrpc
>pinger pings targets, not NIDs.  That is one of the problematic design
>points of the existing system, that when N OSTs live on the same node
>clients need to send N pings to the same node.
>On 09/15/2015 08:04 AM, Ben Evans wrote:
>> Would there be any interest in adding an IOCTL to update the ping
>> time/status for a particular NID?
>> This should allow for implementation of a pinger in userspace which
>> updates the kernel on the status of various NIDs, and if I understand
>> the ping code well enough, would greatly curtail any pings that is sent
>> by the kernel.
>> This might allow for things like Eric¹s gossip implementation to simply
>> bolt on top of Lustre without any internal kernel changes, or for
>> integration of external monitoring systems to tell Lustre that failovers
>> have occurred, etc.
>> -Ben Evans
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