[lustre-devel] [PATCH 02/12] trace: Make trace_hwlat timestamp y2038 safe

Deepa Dinamani deepa.kernel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 19:16:54 PDT 2017

>> -     trace_seq_printf(s, "#%-5u inner/outer(us): %4llu/%-5llu ts:%ld.%09ld",
>> +     trace_seq_printf(s, "#%-5u inner/outer(us): %4llu/%-5llu ts:%lld.%09ld",
>>                        field->seqnum,
>>                        field->duration,
>>                        field->outer_duration,
>> -                      field->timestamp.tv_sec,
>> +                      (long long)field->timestamp.tv_sec,
> Refresh my memory. We need the cast because on 64 bit boxes
> timestamp.tv_sec is just a long?

This is only required until we change the definition of timespec64.
Right now it is defined as

#if __BITS_PER_LONG == 64
# define timespec64 timespec
struct timespec64 {
    time64_t tv_sec;
    long tv_nsec;

And timespec.tv_sec is just long int on 64 bit machines.
This is why we need the cast now.

We will probably change this and only define __kernel_timespec instead
of timespec, leaving only one definition of timespec64.
At that time, we will not need this.


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