[lustre-devel] LU-10026 Client-side compression

Anna Fuchs anna.fuchs at informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Thu Dec 7 02:15:21 PST 2017

Dear all, 

the first prototype for client-side compression is now online. 

This is probably a lot of code at once, so I have added a longer
description to Jira. 

The current state is "work in progress", so it contains a lot of
TODOs. Those are listed in Jira, even more can be found in the code. 
Therefore, it is runable under specific conditions and is currently
not meant to be autotested. 

The general project state will be updated at http://wiki.lustre.org/Enh
anced_Adaptive_Compression_in_Lustre, further better understandable
figures will follow soon.

See here the mailing thread for the previous discussion related to this
topic. http://lists.onebuilding.org/pipermail/lustre-devel-lustre.org/2

It would be great to hear your opinion, though I don't know where to
put the main discussion - review comments in Gerrit, comments in Jira
or this mailinglist.

Best regards,

Anna Fuchs
Universität Hamburg

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