[lustre-devel] Dead code cleanup

Dmitriy Cherkasov dmitriy at oss-tech.org
Wed Jul 5 15:03:21 PDT 2017


I've found one last #if 0 block in the code, but when attempting to investigate 
its origin I ran into a dead end.

The code in question [1] has not been touched since 2013 [2], and seems to 
originate from one big patch [3] with a non-public commit history. I found the 
relevant bugzilla entry [4], but no history beyond that.

Although I was unable to find the original intent behind it, I think it's safe 
to assume it is not used and if there are no objections I'll post a patch to 
remove it.


[2] https://git.hpdd.intel.com/?p=fs/lustre-release.git;a=commit;h=d2589286
[3] https://git.hpdd.intel.com/?p=fs/lustre-release.git;a=commit;h=fbf5870b
[4] https://projectlava.xyratex.com/show_bug.cgi?id=14166

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