[lustre-devel] testing lustre

Oleg Drokin oleg.drokin at intel.com
Fri Feb 9 19:51:02 PST 2018

> On Feb 9, 2018, at 6:52 PM, NeilBrown <neilb at suse.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 09 2018, Благодаренко Артём wrote:
>>> I cannot find anywhere in the code that would write out a new label, or
>>> that would call e2label or tune2fs to do it.
>> mount utility (mount_lustre.c)
>> Main->
>> 	parse_ldd() -> ldd() read ldd. In  and change : to - in memory
>> 	mount() - mount target, register it on mgs
>> 	label_lustre () write new label with “-“ on disk
> Ahhh.. found it.  Thanks for lot for the details!!
> And and I can see in an strace that this is being called - mount.lustre
> forks and runs "tune2fs -f -L ....".
> But still the volume name doesn't change.
> Maybe I have a buggy tune2fs.
> I note that tune2fs says "recovering journal" or something like that.
> I suspect we don't want that to happen when the filesystem is mounted.
> Maybe that is related to the failure to change the label.
> I will dig in more deeply.

This sounds very familiar, but I cannot quite find the ticket for it.

Anyway, I do wonder if you use our patched e2fsprogs and if not,
if you could give it a try first.


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