[lustre-devel] Compact layouts

Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
Fri Nov 16 10:06:41 PST 2018


There is an old idea for reducing the data required to describe file striping by using a bitmap to record which OSTs are in use.  As best I can tell, this was most recently described here:

I’m curious if this has been pursued any further, if there’s a JIRA or other place that might have more info or be tracking the idea.  I poked around and didn’t find anything.

In particular, this comment:
“with enough data that for each OST index set in the bitmap, a corresponding OST object FID may be computed”
Points at the difficult part of implementing this.

So, before I get too far considering this problem - Is there more out there somewhere?  Hoping to avoid duplicating work!


  *   Patrick
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