[lustre-devel] lnet ip2nets option broken in master?

Andreas Dilger adilger at whamcloud.com
Mon May 27 11:03:02 PDT 2019

On 5/24/19, 11:28 AM, "Degremont, Aurelien" <degremoa at amazon.com> wrote:
>        I'm doing several tests with LNET and I realized lnet module option 'ip2nets' does not work anymore.
>        I git-bisected the regression down to:
>        commit f5991afd8779fe747778e28e998277a10242a57d
>        Author: NeilBrown <neilb at suse.com>
>        Date:   Mon Jan 7 14:23:19 2019 -0500
>            LU-11838 lnet: change lnet_ipaddr_enumerate() to use for_each_netdev()
>        Am I doing something wrong? Is that already known and there is some patchs around for it?
>        Funny thing is that the normal way to use it does not work, but if I specify IP address in the reverse order, it works. (Could be just a side effect/red herring)
>        Ie: ip2nets="tcp2(eth0)".  -> ERROR (correct IP)
>        ip2net="tcp2(eth0)" -> OK
>        I was not able to understand the bug.
>        If it makes sense, I can open a ticket.
>        Aurélien

My non-LNet-experienced thinking is that the network layer expects the IP addresses to be in big-endian always, and Lustre is supplying them in little-endian?  Maybe they just need a "htons(addr)" before calling for_each_netdev()?

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Principal Lustre Architect

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