[lustre-devel] New tag and branch split

Alexander I Kulyavtsev aik at fnal.gov
Fri Nov 8 14:36:47 PST 2019

What does  2.12.90 tag mean on  branch 2.12 ?

Last release on LTS branch 2.12 ?
Or am I reading in it too much ?


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Subject: [lustre-devel] New tag and branch split


  I just split off b2_13 branch from master for final touches of 2.13 release and so we can continue landing other patches (of which there’s now quite a backlog)
  b2_13 in in codefreeze and will be tagged RC soon.

  Here’s the changelog:

... cut ...

Oleg Drokin (4):
... cut ...
      New tag 2.12.90

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