[lustre-devel] New optional security review sessions

Charlie Olmstead colmstead at ddn.com
Fri Oct 18 12:00:23 PDT 2019

3 new optional test sessions have been added to lustre-reviews:

  *   review-dne-selinux: Runs sanity, recovery-small and sanity-selinux with selinux enabled on the clients
  *   review-dne-ssk: Runs sanity, recovery-small and sanity-sec with SHARED_KEY set to true
  *   review-dne-selinux-ssk: Runs sanity, recovery-small, sanity-selinux and sanity-sec with selinux enabled on the clients and SHARED_KEY set to true

These sessions will not impact the score sent by Maloo and they’ll only run if test nodes are immediately available.

Charlie Olmstead
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