[lustre-devel] New tag 2.13.53

Oleg Drokin green at whamcloud.com
Tue Apr 7 08:50:14 PDT 2020


 I tagged 2.13.53 in the master Lustre development branch.

 Here’s the changelog:
Alex Zhuravlev (7):
      LU-12988 ldiskfs: revert prefetch patch
      LU-11269 ptlrpc: do not expose transient IDLE state
      LU-13190 mds: send mbo_max_mdsize in open intent reply
      LU-13291 ldiskfs: mballoc don't skip uninit-on-disk groups
      LU-12988 ldiskfs: mballoc to prefetch groups
      LU-13253 libcfs: protect libcfs_debug_dumplog()
      LU-12988 ldiskfs: port ext4-mballoc-prefetch.patch to RHEL 8.1

Alexander Boyko (1):
      LU-13102 llog: fix processing of a wrapped catalog

Alexander Zarochentsev (2):
      LU-12651 osc: always call update_next_shrink
      LU-13228 clio: mmap write when overquota

Alexey Lyashkov (7):
      LU-12981 lnet: Check MTU accurately
      LU-13296 obd: make statfs cache working again
      LU-13229 ldlm: unlock request memory leak
      LU-12214 build: fixes if the name is not just 'lustre'
      LU-12214 build: fix build with mofed
      LU-12214 build: fix build with MPI
      LU-12214 build: add right kernel detect

Alexey Zhuravlev (1):
      LU-12722 target: disable recovery for local clients

Amir Shehata (11):
      LU-13071 lnet: reduce log severity for health events
      LU-13025 lnet: pick healthiest peer net
      LU-13026 lnet: MR selection of gateway ni
      LU-12955 lnet: fix routed final dest selection
      LU-13029 lnet: fix asym routing with multi-hop
      LU-13035 lnet: fix remote peer ni selection
      LU-13027 lnet: fix route consolidation
      LU-13041 lnet: fix router primary_nid deletion
      LU-13028 lnet: advertise discovery when toggled
      LU-12303 lnet: recover health at same rate as dec
      LU-12292 lnet: keep health even if recovery failed

Andreas Dilger (19):
      LU-13169 tests: add ONLY_REPEAT parameter to repeat subtests
      LU-12747 tests: wait properly for orhpan thread stop
      LU-13131 osc: remove redundant osc_list() helper
      LU-11915 tests: add debugging to conf-sanity test_115
      LU-13225 utils: bash completion for lfs and lctl
      LU-12931 gnilnd: use time_after() to compare jiffies
      LU-11668 mdd: use mdd_object_fid() instead of mdo2fid()
      LU-12043 llite: move tunable params to sysfs_memparse()
      LU-10447 tests: remove use of SETSTRIPE from sanity
      LU-12207 tests: allow some margin for sanity/76
      LU-930 utils: fix lfs setstripe option description
      LU-13156 tests: skip sanity-selinux test_21a+21b
      LU-6142 llite: Fix style issues for llite/statahead.c
      LU-9091 obdclass: allow bare KMGTPE param suffix
      LU-11596 tests: wait for grant to stop changing
      LU-9091 procfs: remove old string parsing routines
      LU-13321 tests: force even DNE file distribution
      LU-6179 llite: remove LOCKAHEAD_OLD compatibility
      LU-13379 tests: don't use localrecov for older servers

Andrew Perepechko (3):
      LU-13309 osd-ldiskfs: remove per-page object_get/put in brw
      LU-13294 libcfs: incorrect rotor behaviour
      LU-13309 ofd: optimize the brw codepath

Ann Koehler (1):
      LU-12461 contrib: Add epython scripts for crash dump analysis

Artem Blagodarenko (1):
      LU-12950 osd-ldiskfs: increase supported size to 1024tb

Bobi Jam (1):
      LU-13324 llite: page delete race

Bruno Faccini (4):
      LU-13263 osc: use LDLM_LOCK_RELEASE() if no lu_ref added
      LU-13264 osc: ensure lu_ref work atomic from osc_lock_upcall()
      LU-12914 mdt: mdt_prep_ma_buf_from_rep() is called twice
      LU-8221 osc: fix for lu_ref feature in osc_extent_put()

Chris Horn (10):
      LU-12756 lnet: Refactor lnet_set_non_mr_pref_nid
      LU-12756 lnet: Refactor lnet_find_existing_preferred_best_ni
      LU-12756 lnet: Introduce lnet_msg_is_response
      LU-12756 lnet: Remove unnecessary rtr_nid argument
      LU-13277 lnet: Discovery thread can deadlock on shutdown
      LU-13276 lnet: Update nnis to avoid infinite loop
      LU-12756 lnet: Use info cached in lnet_msg on resend
      LU-13265 lnet: Modify push MD to have single threshold
      LU-13362 lnet: Disc reply race with finalize and routed recv
      LU-13278 lnet: Reconcile discovery push and reply handling

Dominique Martinet (2):
      LU-10235 mdt: mdt_create: check EEXIST without lock
      LU-12198 libcfs: always copy ioctl header back to user

Elena Gryaznova (12):
      LU-13267 tests: improve racer cleanup
      LU-13268 tests: customize lnet-selftest for performance
      LU-13269 tests: make lnet-selftest.sh more flexible
      LU-13270 tests: dom-performance fixes
      LU-13281 tests: ha.sh improvements
      LU-13283 tests: add racer to nonmpi load
      LU-11505 tests: customise run_*() functions
      LU-13282 tests: wait $LFSCK_BG_PID properly
      LU-13271 tests: skip 87, 115 tests if FILESET set
      LU-13273 tests: run_ior() parameters order fix
      LU-13280 tests: customize run_mdtest for several mount points
      LU-12390 tests: customise mdsrate tests

Emoly Liu (4):
      LU-12811 ptlrpc: pass buffer size to the swabbing functions
      LU-11510 lfs: migrate a composite layout file correctly
      LU-12811 ptlrpc: pass buflen to lustre_swab_object_update_*()
      LU-12811 ptlrpc: do some cleanups in swabber_dumper_helper()

Geliang Tang (1):
      LU-9679 osc: use rb_entry_safe

Hongchao Zhang (4):
      LU-12280 quota: add notify grace
      LU-13261 mdt: PFL layout changed while accessing
      LU-12506 changelog: support large number of MDT
      LU-12546 lfsck: print logs for LLIT_UNMATCHED_PAIR

James Nunez (6):
      LU-11597 tests: skip sanityn tests for PPC
      LU-13232 tests: add stack_trap to clean up sanity 160j
      LU-13186 tests: stop running tests for PPC clients
      LU-10073 tests: skip test smoke for PPC
      LU-12251 tests: stop running sanity-flr for PPC
      LU-12312 tests: stop running sanity-sec test 31

James Simmons (12):
      LU-12477 lustre: remove obsolete config checks
      LU-10467 mdc: change ssleep to msleep_interruptible
      LU-13258 libcfs: make apply_workqueue_attrs() available for Lustre
      LU-10467 ptlrpc: convert waiting in ptlrpc_hr_main()
      LU-13274 uapi: make lustre UAPI headers C99 compliant
      LU-9859 ptlrpc: change imp_refcount to refcount_t
      LU-6174 nrs: perform proper division
      LU-6174 osd-ldiskfs: perform proper division
      LU-12477 ldiskfs: remove obsolete ext4 patches
      LU-13344 ptlrpc: change request timeouts to s32
      LU-13344 sec: remove time_t usage
      LU-13344 servers: change request timeouts to s32

Jian Yu (3):
      LU-12637 kernel: RHEL 8.1 server support
      LU-13110 kernel: kernel update SLES12 SP4 [4.12.14-95.45.1]
      LU-13219 tests: add nfs-server service in setup-nfs.sh

Lai Siyao (5):
      LU-12775 test: reorder 'tar' command options
      LU-11025 dne: introduce new directory hash type: "crush"
      LU-11025 dne: change dir layout via dt_layout_change
      LU-11025 lmv: simplify name to stripe mapping
      LU-13157 mdd: migrate readlink from wrong place

Li Dongyang (4):
      LU-13160 tests: fix sanity-hsm monitor setup
      LU-13241 utils: use libext2fs for ldiskfs operations
      LU-12580 lov: fix typo in lov_comp_md_size
      LU-12580 lov: fix out of bound usercopy

Mikhail Pershin (6):
      LU-12321 mdc: allow ELC for DOM file unlink
      LU-10756 ptlrpc: fix IMP_CLOSED state is being never set
      LU-13254 mdt: clear mti_mdt in mdt_thread_info_fini()
      LU-13004 target: take offset into account in tgt_send_buffer
      LU-13354 ptlrpc: update wirecheck with missed checks
      LU-13354 capa: remove remained lustre capa code

Mr NeilBrown (66):
      LU-13235 lnet: copy the correct amount of CPTs to lnet_cpts
      LU-9679 lustre: avoid cast of file->private_data
      LU-9679 modules: convert MIN/MAX to kernel style
      LU-9679 lnet: discard lnet_ping_buffer_numref()
      LU-12911 llite: Don't access lov_md fields before size check
      LU-12930 various: use schedule_timeout_*interruptible
      LU-13004 osp: break read request into pages.
      LU-13004 target: use KIOV for out_handle
      LU-13004 osp: use KIOV in osp_prep_update_req
      LU-12678 lnet: socklnd: mark all ksock_proto struct 'const'.
      LU-9855 lustre: replace LPROCFS_CLIMP_CHECK()
      LU-10467 lustre: use l_wait_event_abortable where appropriate.
      LU-10467 ptlrpc: convert final users of LWI_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL
      LU-9679 llite: Discard LUSTRE_FPRIVATE()
      LU-10391 lnet: use data_ready callback to trigger accept()
      LU-10391 lnet: discard lnet_sock_accept()
      LU-9679 various: use list_splice and list_splice_init
      LU-10467 ldlm: use wait_event_idle() instead of l_wait_event
      LU-10467 lfsck: use wait_event_idle()
      LU-12780 llite: don't use ptlrpc_thread for sai_agl_thread
      LU-12780 llite: avoid ptlrpc_thread for ll_statahead_thread
      LU-13005 lnet: eq: discard struct lnet_handle_eq
      LU-13004 osp: use correct page count in osp_prep_update_req
      LU-9679 general: add missing spaces near punctuation
      LU-12780 osp: use native kthreads for opd_pre_thread
      LU-12678 lnet: remove lnet_me_alloc/lnet_me_free
      LU-13004 lustre: remove support for KVEC bulk descriptors
      LU-13004 ptlrpc: remove *GET*KVEC macros and fields.
      LU-9679 libcfs: Add CFS_ALLOC_PTR_ARRAY and free
      LU-9868 llite: remove lld_it field of ll_dentry_data
      LU-12542 ldlm: don't access l_resource when not locked.
      LU-12780 osp: don't use ptlrpc_thread for opd_update_thread
      LU-13005 lnet: don't use LNetEQPoll for ping replies.
      LU-13005 lnet: remove LNetEQPoll
      LU-13005 lnet: remove the 'queue' from LNetEQ
      LU-13004 ptlrpc: simplify bd_vec access.
      LU-12477 lustre: restore time_after32()
      LU-13258 libcfs: fixes for cfs_arch_init()
      LU-10391 lnet: remove 'accept' variable.
      LU-10467 libcfs: remove l_wait_event() and related macros.
      LU-9855 lustre: rename obd_device variables to obd
      LU-12780 lod: don't use ptlrpc_thread for recovery thread
      LU-13255 lnet: introduce wait_var_event_warning.
      LU-9859 libcfs: prepare for switch to container_of_safe()
      LU-4198 clio: Remove pl_owner
      LU-10391 lnet: remove 'fatal' arg from lnet_{sock_}connect
      LU-10391 lnet: change various function to return pointer
      LU-12511 fld: remove unused functions from fld_cache.c
      LU-12511 lustre: introduce LUSTRE_MDT_MAXNAMELEN
      LU-12511 fld: use list_last_entry in fld_cache_shrink
      LU-6142 fld: remove function typedefs
      LU-6142 lustre: unwrap some ldebugfs_register() calls
      LU-6142 lustre: remove remaining users of ldebugfs_register
      LU-12780 osp: don't use ptlrpc_thread for lwp_notify_main()
      LU-12780 quota: don't use ptlrpc_thread for qsd_reint_main()
      LU-13005 ptlrpc: use percpu refcount to track requests.
      LU-13004 modules: replace lnet_kiov_t with struct bio_vec
      LU-9859 libcfs: always range-check libcfs_debug_mb setting.
      LU-9859 libcfs: open code cfs_trace_max_debug_mb() into cfs_trace_set_debug_mb()
      LU-13344 libcfs: adler32: don't set CRYPTO_TFM_RES_BAD_KEY_LEN
      LU-11591 llog: remove partial_chunk variable
      LU-12780 quota: don't use ptlrpc_thread for qsd_upd_thread()
      LU-8130 lu_object: use RCU to free lu_object_header
      LU-13004 net: discard LNET_MD_IOVEC
      LU-13255 gnilnd: Use wait_var_event_warning()
      LU-12542 lustre: remove INIT_LIST_HEAD_RCU support.

Nathaniel Clark (1):
      LU-13178 build: Update ZFS version to 0.8.3

NeilBrown (17):
      LU-8130 lov: convert lo[v|d]_pool to use rhashtable
      LU-9859 libcfs: move tracefile locking from linux-tracefile.c  to tracefile.c
      LU-9859 libcfs: remove unnecessary cfs_block_allsigs() calls
      LU-9859 libcfs: rename cfs_cpt_table to cfs_cpt_tab
      LU-9679 osc: use assert_spin_locked()
      LU-9679 osc: remove cl_io_cancel()
      LU-9679 osc: use overlapped() consistently.
      LU-9679 osc: centralize handling of PTLRPCD_SET
      LU-9679 osc: convert a while loop to for
      LU-9859 libcfs: simplify linux-prim.c
      LU-9679 osc: simplify osc_page_gang_lookup()
      LU-9859 lustre: remove current_pid() and current_comm()
      LU-9679 osc: simplify osc_extent_wait()
      LU-9679 osc: convert while to for in get_write_extents()
      LU-9679 osc: discard oe_intree
      LU-9679 osc: convert cl_cache_waiters to a wait_queue.
      LU-9859 libcfs: improve API and implementation of blocking signals.

Oleg Drokin (4):
      LU-12761: tests: make version_code() accept two number versions too
      LU-13131 osc: Make sure we don't accidentally deprioritize extents
      LU-8454 Remove struct mgs_send_param and its users
      New tag 2.13.53

Sebastien Buisson (11):
      LU-11961 nodemap: nodemap_create() handles default nodemap
      LU-13133 tests: sanity-selinux test_21{a,b} sepol update
      LU-13097 tests: set fail_loc on all MDS nodes for pdir tests
      LU-13082 tests: enable lgss_keyring debug traces
      LU-13343 tests: skip recovery-small test_140 with SSK
      LU-13355 crypto: adler32 wrapper in libcfs
      LU-13116 mgc: do not lose sptlrpc config lock
      LU-12992 gss: retry in case of short computed shared key
      LU-13216 ptlrpc: sptlrpc_req_refresh_ctx's timeout semantic
      LU-13116 ptlrpc: return error for conn with NULL export
      LU-13116 tests: properly clean keyring in sanity-sec test_30

Sergey Cheremencev (1):
      LU-12642 ofd: change last_id output in proc

Shaun Tancheff (15):
      LU-13210 lnet: gcc8 add implicit-fallthrough decorator
      LU-13226 ldiskfs: Add support for Ubuntu eoan 5.3
      LU-12861 libcfs: Cleanup libcfs_debug_msg use of snprintf
      LU-13040 lmv: Pool name string handling
      LU-13288 llite: Find account_page_dirtied on module init
      LU-12945 lnet: Disable zero copy when running on VM
      LU-13211 ldiskfs: rework data-in-dirent for linux 5.4.7+
      LU-13209 build: Fix vvp_account_page_dirtied
      LU-11310 kernel: new kernel [SLES15 SP1 4.12.14-197.29]
      LU-13209 build: SUSE 15 SP2 fix for KBUILD_SRC removed
      LU-13252 mgs: Handle possible failure from name_create_mdt
      LU-12670 osd-ldiskfs: Shrink rcu critical section
      LU-11310 ldiskfs: Support for SUSE 15 GA and SP1
      LU-13120 build: Fix ZFS dependancies for osd-zfs-mount
      LU-13226 ldiskfs: Add support for SUSE 15 SP2

Sonia Sharma (1):
      LU-12191 utils: Make "lctl list_param" read exact path under sysfs tree

Wang Shilong (14):
      LU-12644 llite: try fast io for stride io correctly
      LU-12518 llite: fix stride window increase
      LU-13166 osd-ldiskfs: fix to allow to get system inode
      LU-13293 llite: don't abort readahead too aggressively
      LU-13227 LDLM: update LVB if it is server lock
      LU-13096 llite: fix potential overflow in ll_max_cached_mb_seq_write()
      LU-13314 test: add 56ob to ALWAYS_EXCEPT for now
      LU-9679 osc: fix to return right weight in osc_lock_weight()
      LU-13234: osd-ldiskfs: hold inode mutex for ldiskfs_orphan_add()
      LU-13227 ofd: update lvb before dropping server lock
      LU-13300 ldiskfs: port patches to improve extent status shrink
      LU-13096 llite: serialize max_cached_mb write operation
      LU-13312 ldlm: fix to stop iterating tree early in ldlm_kms_shift_cb()
      LU-12748 readahead: limit async ra requests

Yang Sheng (1):
      LU-13260 lov: fix size check when stripe is zero

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