[lustre-devel] [PATCH 000/622] lustre: sync closely to 2.13.52

James Simmons jsimmons at infradead.org
Mon Apr 27 18:04:49 PDT 2020

> > These patches need to be applied to the lustre-backport branch
> > starting at commit a436653f641e4b3e2841f38113620535e918dd3f.
> Hi James et al,
>  I applied these patches on top of a43.... then added the other patches I
>  had an looked for difference to my previous tree.
>  I found a bunch of improvements you had made, plus some errors that
>  came through your patches, plus some other problems that already
>  existed...
>  I've then added patches from OpenSFS master to get uptodate.
>  The result is not on my github tree in the lustre/lustre branch.  It
>  has 226 patches on top of the set you posted.
>  git log 823691f8d49c~3..823691f8d49c
>  will show you some error I fixed, in case you are interested.

I grabbed those fixes and applied them to my tree. Its nice to see my 
tree, your tree, and the OpenSFS branch starting to merge. I updated
my tree to the same OpenSFS commit as your tree and have started to look 
at difference. I noticed the sync with my tree didn't exactly match up. 
You lost a few changes. Some of the major changes missing are

1) LU-9679 llite: Discard LUSTRE_FPRIVATE()
   OpenSFS hash : 9e5cb57addbb5d7bc1596096821ad8dcac7a939b

2) LU-13274 uapi: make lnet UAPI headers C99 compliant 
   OpenSFS hash: 742897a967cff5be53c447d14b17ae405c2b31f2

Also their are some kmem_cache bugs that causes several of the sanity
test to crash the client. I need to do more comparing of our tree and
sort out the changes that haven't landed or been pushed to the OpenSFS 
branch to figure out these regressions. I can easily see in the 4 to 8 
weeks all the patches in your tree to land to OpenSFS as well as my tree. 
So we could sort everything out once everything has landed. I need to 
pull a few changes you have as well to my tree for cleanups like for the 
fid layer that seem to have gotten lost. Mostly likely from people doing
cleanups while in staging.

Now for some important info. I noticed sanity test failing recently
which I tracked down to me not updating my lustre utilities. This is
going to be a problem so to make it painless I created a few patches
to enable building the lustre utilies only against the linux
client. If you apply the following patches:


Now for 33603 patch it exposes a regression with LSOM and 
open_by_handle_at(). This patch removes the need for dot_lustre which is 
broken anyways for submounts (filesets). The 'dot_lustre' in the UAPI 
header is used for general utilites as well as the kernel server code. 
Since it had no use in the linux client it was nuked :-) Instead of 
restoring it we can resolve the LSOM issues for 33603 patch.

Once you apply the above patches just run:

sh autogen.sh
./configure --disable-modules --disable-server
make rpms

and you will have proper rpms to use with the linux client. I recommend
after updating the linux client to update your utilities as well 

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